I have finally made the decision to move from wordpress to blogspot…

This is something that I have been thinking about doing for some time, so over the weekend I have been designing my new blog 🙂

I would like to thank you all for following my journey via wordpress, but would love you to continue to follow my progress over at blog spot… here is the new URL: www.madefor3.blogspot.com


I would love to hear what you think about my decision and also my design…

So stop by and leave me a comment 🙂

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Goodbye wordpress its been a great learning experience!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

I am SO excited to be guest blogging here at Made for 3 today!! Isn’t Claire awesome? I think so! 🙂


My name is Paige, I am 15, and I am the girl behind Pink Lemonade (my shop) and Simply Handmade by Paige (my blog). I am homeschooled. I love Jesus, crafting, sewing, and taking pictures on my new Nikon!!

Today I am sharing my mannequin “redo” tutorial! I hope you like it!!

So, I bought this mannequin on eBay a few months ago, because I was tired of being the model for my tops, and wanted a mannequin because I thought it would give my photos a more professional look! 🙂
I got a REALLY good deal on it- only $50!!! But I thought that it looked kind of cheap, and I wanted to give it a more upscale look! 🙂 I have been seeing a lot of  great mannequins on Etsy, and decided that the best way to give it a makeover would be to cover it in old book pages!!! 🙂

This is what it looked like before… VERY plain!

I bought an old book at my local thrift store for $.12, and tore the pages out…

Then I got my very best friend, Mod Podge!!!!

And started painting it on…

and slapping down book pages!!!

and more book pages…
 and more, and more until (1.5 hrs later…) you are done!!!

It was a lot of work, but for $.12 my mannequin got a beautiful makeover!

I love the vintage feel!

 Do you like it? 🙂

Thanks for having me, Claire!!


Late night inspiration

Its the end to a busy day, with and early start tomorrow with the girls back at school..

I have uploaded some new photographs of the products I have been busy making, which are on my Flickr stream ( Right hand side of my blog)…

I thought I would end the day with some late night inspiration…..

Photography Graphics, Photography for Myspace, Tumblr Photography


coping with feelings


Just a Dreamer


thedailydose -


Hope your feeling refreshed after the weekend…

Claire xox

An end to a busy week….

Its been another busy week in the “madefor3” household, not only has it been the school holidays, I have also had a “to do list” that I have wanted to get out-of-the-way… which has ment decorating, cleaning, sorting and tidying in between, feeding and changing the baby and looking after the girls..



I have also designed my first header :)… what do you think???

The girls are back to school on Monday, whilst I will be glad to get back into a routine I do miss them…

Hope you have a great weekend…. 🙂

only way to be alone.

Claire xox


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Featured @ Launch her


Later today, is my feature on www.launcher.blogspot.com so make sure you check it out later…

I have been looking forward to this feature for a long time, but it didn’t realise how hard I would find it promoting my business, this is something that I definitely need to work on !!!

Writing the post, allowed me sometime to think about a few things….

  1. Does my blog and shop reflect my personality?
  2. If not how can I change this?
  3. My photos, are they the best that they can be ?
  4. I need to try to connect more with my readers
  5. I need to include more photos of me…
  6. I am also thinking about changing to blogspot from wordpress…
  7. my reason for this is I would love to have sponsors on my site and be able to host giveaways…

Ideas Creadoras by ~Creatunco

So I have a few things to start and work on….

Have you moved from  wordpress to blogspot??? which do you think is best???

Leave me a comment I Love to hear from you


Claire xox

My Birth Story…

My Birth Story
Baby Nylah ~ 17/01/2011 ~ 4pounds 15 ounces ~ 8.42pm

So as promised, here is my birth story, it’s probably going to be long, so make a drink and take a seat :).

My pregnancy was hard from the start; I had bleeding up to week 18 and for those first 18 weeks I did not know how my pregnancy was going to progress, if at all. However the weeks went by and my pregnancy progressed normally…

On the 14th of January at 1.30am my waters broke, I waited for contractions to start, but nothing… I waited until the girls went to school to phone the hospital… I was 34 weeks and 1 day!!
I was admitted straight away (given that I had already had a baby early 24 weeks in 2008 sadly he was stillborn) I cannot put into words the emotion I was feeling, but throughout I tried to remain strong and had to have faith that this time the outcome would be good…

I was monitored, baby was fine… still no contractions, it was decided that I would stay in hospital for the next 48hours just in case my labour progressed….
Nothing happened over the weekend, and it was a long weekend, I missed being at home, my partner and my girls…

Monday 17th January, still nothing, until lunch time, I started bleeding, my consultant came and reviewed me, I really wanted to just get my labour started, thankfully my consultant agreed and I was moved into the delivery suit it was 5pm.
By the time I moved to the delivery suit, my contractions had started, the consultant visited me to make sure everything was ok, the labour progressed well and my contractions become closer together and the pain started to become intense…
8.30pm, labour was still progressing and baby was happy, or so I thought… the next thing I remember is knowing that something wasn’t quite right, I looked at my partner… within the next minute the midwife had pressed the emergency buzzer, I was being laid down and moved into theatre, tears streamed down my face, I was helpless, scared and very afraid….
12 midnight was the next thing I remember, I was in the recovery room, dazed and in pain…. I tried to speak, but nothing came out, my throat was really sore… I did not know if my baby was alive and healthy…

My partner showed me a picture of our beautiful baby girl, she was alive and healthy, she was born at 8.42pm and weighed 4 pounds 15ounces, she was 6 weeks early…
I finally got to meet her at 2.30am and the tears carried on flowing, this time with joy, my baby girl was tiny but perfect in every way.

That night was hard, the emotional and physical pain was overwhelming, I still did not understand what had gone so wrong for things to happen in the way that it did, my baby was in the Special Care Baby Unit and I missed her…

6am some of the medication had started to ease and I longed to see her……

10am , the consultant came to explain why I had to be rushed into theatre, the baby’s heart rate had dropped and my placenta was coming away before the baby… so I ended up having to have a Emergency Caesarean…

Over the next few days Baby was being brought to me for demand feeding, which seemed to help us both recover and I knew that it was the best thing for her..

19th January 9am, the nurses on the Special Care Unit decided that she was doing that well that she would be allowed to stay with me on the ward….

The next few days consisted of blood tests, medication and recovery…

22nd January, finally we were allowed to come home 🙂

The emotional pain has definitely been a lot worse than the physical, I still think about everything that happened, even writing this made me cry, but I wanted to share with you my experience and in some way I think it might be the start of the healing process..

I named her Nylah , which means “gift” after everything she is definitely a gift, she is doing really well and weighs 6 pounds, I am feeling better and life is getting back to normal, with the bonus of another beautiful girl…


I am Featured !!!!!!!


Yipee!!! I have been featured on one of my favourite blogs…. www.simplyhandmadebypaige.blogspot.com , hop on over there and have a look at the feature and meet the lovely Paige, she is only 15 years old but is full of inspiration, ideas and great tutorials….

I am offering a 10% discount on all products in my shop, check out the feature for the code to use at the checkout!!!!

Thank you Paige for the feature !!!! 🙂

I Heart Blogging

 I am busy working on my birth story for tomorrow, as my baby girl is a month old tomorrow (can not believe how fast time has gone)…. and also adding new products to the shop….

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